A house party near the University of Kentucky transformed into a shooting arena when a fight broke out which led to a shooting episode that inured 11 students of the university.

According to the police, two suspects were taken into custody as 11 injured students were shifted to the hospital.

The police of Kentucky University arrived at the house which was the venue of the party from the main campus in Lexington after receiving reports that two uninvited guests had started a fight which later on turned into a shooting episode.

According to the details, the female student was hit by a shot fired by a gun on the leg and was immediately shifted to the hospital when the police arrived at the crime scene.

According to law enforcement officials, the shooting incident occurred just before midnight when the house party was going on at full throttle at University Avenue.

The University of Kentucky police stated that among the injured a female student is also included who received a bullet in her leg whereas the other 10 students got injured because of debris and shrapnel.

All the injured victims were shifted to the University of Kentucky Chandler hospital, all of the injuries were non-life threatening injuries.

The rioters were not students of the university and were both taken into custody. The police of Lexington revealed that Jason Almanza-Arroyo who is 19-year-old was arrested for the charges of 1st-degree wanton endangerment, 3rd-degree assault, 2nd-degree disorderly conduct as well as alcohol consumption and intoxication in public.

Additional charges were also made on Jason but they were not related to the shooting.

Jason Almanzaa-Arroyo is kept in the Fayette County Detention Center. The investigation is still on.