Since we know that the House of the Dragon season finale is around the corner, fans have their own theories and predictions for the finale. Honestly, few people who have prior watched Game of Thrones (who are still processing the finale of GOT) have hiked up their hopes from the season finale to be good! Indeed, the HBO team is knocking this prequel series and still securing the legacy of Game of Thrones. However, the fans are still wondering if they could see that Jon Snow show soon.

The first season finale is nearly about to end and that leaves the fans with plenty of motivation to start theorizing and predicting the season finale of the House of Dragons. So, what are the fans expecting? Few fans know about the ending for sure, but there are more enthralling predictions and theories. Sadly, it does not involve Zombie Viserys or antics from Larys Strong.

The first theory is related to Rhaenys bursting through the floor for helping set up the Storming of the Dragonpit. This implies the end of the dragons. This is quite an obvious theory where we see more dragons coming later in the Game of Thrones with Dany being titled as the mother of Dragons. However, some suggest that there will be a civil war of Targaryen in the King’s Landing. Another theory suggests further to Targaryen civil war about the Maister’s plot in the downfall. This is the most unpredictable theory of the season finale, but you never know what will happen next. Let’s wait for the season finale of the House of the Dragon to exactly about the ending and whether will there be another sequel to this or not.