Michael Strahan, the popular television host has tested positive for the COVID-19 and he is in self-quarantine right now. Although there are no clear symptoms of COVID-19 shown by Strahan, the test came out positive, reports AP.

The number of coronavirus cases in America has surged to a record high. President Joe Biden is taking the necessary steps to increase the testing capacity. This means that many people will be tested – and the vaccine distribution will also speed up.
Michael Strahan is one of the most celebrated players of the National Football League and he is currently hosting a morning show, called ‘Good Morning America.’ All these fans are sending in good wishes for his timely recovery.

Strahan appeared in the NFC championship game and it was last Sunday. He has made brief appearances during the entire season because he still goes to watch football games.

He is a keen observer of the game and does not hesitate to give tips to the players. He had a successful career in the National Football League for New York Giants. He was elected as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

The news about him being COVID-19 positive started making rounds when he did not appear in the morning show.
He is not only covering the Morning shows but is also an expert for Fox’s NFL coverage. He has made a career in the media industry ever since he had left playing for the National Football League.

Ever since he retired from the New York Giants he has been covering the football game since then. He became part of the ‘Good Morning America’ show in 2016.