According to the news reports, a stunt pilot was killed right in front of all the spectators present in the field and amazed them when his jet directly plunged into the ground. In addition,  a huge fireball erupted at the Reno Air Races in Nevada, in the afternoon.

Chilling footage was posted on Twitter which shows two jet planes crossing the Reno mountains in Nevada when one jet started losing height and soon crashed into the field.

 It is still yet to be known which pilot was on board when the plane crashed. According to the tweet shared by Reno Air Racing Association, it was reported that only one plane was involved in the crash and there were no casualties.

In the viral video which was posted on social media, it can be clearly seen that the announcer was explaining “Oh no, oh no,” as his Jet Gold Race co-host announces, “There was a problem, we’ve had a catastrophe here, Thomas.”

“All other pilots landed safely,” he noted, adding that the Racing Association board “express our greatest sympathies to the pilot’s family and friends, as well as the race fans.”

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are currently investigating the collision.

According to his biography on, ” Aaron has been into all things motorized since [he was] a young boy, anything aviation was always high on the list! Aaron took some introductory flights at 16 and finally got his ticket in 1987 after spending time in the Navy as Electricians Technician.”