Update: Stars born on this day, October 2: Kelly Ripa, 51, Annie Leibovitz, 72, Sting, 70, and Donna Karan, 73.

Happy Birthday: Align yourself with people who have something to offer in return. Don’t let your emotions take over your sense of decision-making. Don’t stress yourself too much otherwise, it would be complicated for you to reach your expectations. Be with those who can help and stop being with people who cannot help you. Tour lucky numbers are, 3, 9, 20, 24, 31, 44, 48

ARIES – March 21 till April 19:

Try to be productive, do something that makes you happy, and feel proud of yourself. This will help you gain confidence and the power to excel. Stay with people who make you happy. Work on your relationship and it will flourish. Try to lower your expenses and morale up. 

TAURUS – April 20 till May 20:

You will find yourself scrutinizing others, however before you do so, look inward. Try to work on yourself and focus on self-improvement before you criticize and judge others. Choose peace over anything else. A romantic gesture from your partner will encourage good days ahead. 

GEMINI – May 21 till June 20:

You will be up against a demanding person. Try to adopt a frank tone of the conversation to make things happen as per your wants. Don’t give up when you are in a position to set standards. 

CANCER – June 21 till July 22:

A confrontation will take you to new possibilities. Don’t waste your energy with those who don’t appreciate your efforts. Get yourself into things that make you feel passionate. Love is on the rise. 

LEO – July 23 till Aug. 22:

Don’t stress yourself. You should extend a welcoming hand to people in your domain. Explore what excited you. It’s time to go on an adventure to challenge yourself intellectually. 

VIRGO – Aug. 23 till Sept. 22:

Do something special for your loved ones. Shake things up a bit and show everyone that you are unpredictable. Leave your comfort zone and you will be surprised to see how adaptable and productive you are. 

VIRGO – Aug. 23 till Sept. 22:

Spend time with people who think the same as you. Stop dwelling on the past and open the doors for future possibilities. Don’t let your past be a hurdle to your happiness. It’s time you look forward to new beginnings. Just go with the flow. 

SCORPIO -Oct. 23 till Nov. 21:

Overdoing anything can cause tensions between you and your loved ones. Review your options and do what you can in your capacity. Try to attend seminars to get an insight into different lifestyles.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov. 22 till Dec. 21:

You can help people in need using your skills. The people you will come across might offer you abundant suggestions that can help you make your business profitable. 

CAPRICORN – Dec. 22 till Jan. 19:

Spending carelessly can be your downfall. Keep your cash and cards in a safe place and do not trust anyone. Budget carefully and plan things accordingly. Take things in your control by choosing what’s good for you. 

AQUARIUS – Jan. 20 till Feb. 18:

Don’t take a chance. Figure out where you stand, ask questions, make decisions, and don’t let others interfere in your life. Do what you think is right and doable for you. Don’t go for something or someone else decides that does not suit your requirements.

PISCES – Feb. 19 till March 20:

Be welcoming and accommodating but expect the same thing in return. Believe inequality. You might grab someone’s attention if you go for a new lifestyle.