HONG KONG –  Hong Kong is hit by another sharp Covid wave, with more than 10,000 cases counted in the last 24 hours, making it the worst wave of the pandemic, current reports revealed.

“Covid infections in Hong Kong logged 10,010 cases today, shattering yet another record, as a further of 22,000 cases were reported”, Tweeted, Chris Lau, a reporter at SCMPnews.

After reporting 8000 cases earlier this week and 6000 last week, the average new daily cases count has reached 10,010, with 50 deaths every day, mostly among the aged unvaccinated residents, reported the health officials of the country.

Since the semi-autonomous Chinese nation with around 7.4 million of population aimed to achieve zero Covid policy, it has planned to test everyone in the country to reduce the spread.

Mainland builders and experts are beginning to set up temporary Covid testing facilities and isolation centers for people who test positive with zero symptoms to prevent the virus from spreading.

This week, Hong Kong has reportedly begun a vaccine pass system according to which the residents need to show their vaccination certificates to enter malls, gyms, restaurants, and other premises for preventive purposes. The system has compelled unvaccinated to get the shots on priority.

Due to the current spike in the cases and strict Covid restrictions, several residents are planning to leave for mainland China.

“I’m afraid to be infected.”

A stream of people are racing to leave Hong Kong for mainland China as the #Covid outbreak widens and restrictions tighten”, Tweeted, Bloomberg Quicktake.

Earlier in February, the country imposed its toughest Covid restrictions to prevent a complete lockdown, causing several local businesses to suffer.

“If the government doesn’t let us put food on our table, what can we do?”

Hong Kong has deployed its toughest #Covid19 restrictions yet, stopping short of a lockdown. But many businesses are struggling to stay afloat despite more relief funds injected”, Tweeted Bloomberg Quicktake.

A day earlier, before the tightened restrictions were put into effect in the second week of February, “Hong Kong residents lined up outside hair salons on Wednesday”.

CDC has summarized the current Covid update via its Tweet,

“Virus update:

• CDC to significantly ease pandemic mask guidelines.

• German health minister warns the pandemic is not over.

• Hong Kong’s virus cases top 10,000.

• Canada authorizes first plant-based COVID-19 vaccine”