It’s “The Hunger Games” out there, said a Hollywood insider choosing to stay anonymous. The wealthy and powerful execs of Hollywood have started to use their influence and wealth to obtain preferential treatment surpassing all those who are in need of the coronavirus vaccine more than them.
After 10 months of the excruciating pain of living in the pandemic, the coronavirus vaccine was finally rolled out for the Americans.

The coronavirus vaccine was distributed by the government, and each state was ordered to devise a vaccine distribution plan according to age, health conditions, profession as the highest priority for the coronavirus vaccination.

California was also directed to follow the same orders, but Alas! California is home to HOLLYWOOD! Also being a state, badly hit by the virus, with most of the residents well over the age of 65 years, they are more eligible to be vaccinated than powerful celebrities.

As soon as the coronavirus vaccine rollout was announced in California, the giants of Hollywood rushed to get themselves vaccinated at the expense of the poor and elderly. Using their various leverages, including money, fame, and connections to their advantage.

One of the doctors – practicing in Beverly Hills – claimed that he has been offered as much as $10,000 by people who are related to the entertainment industry to get themselves vaccinated.

There are many entertainment industry influencers who have started to inoculate the vaccine for the stars and their family members. They don’t want it for themselves, rather for their bosses to keep their jobs intact.

Many media giants have decided to look outside California to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine. They use their private jets to fly in and out of California in search of the vaccine. For instance, former CEO of Time Warner Company, Richard Parsons flew all the way to Florida from New York to get himself vaccinated.

The news of media personnel using their wealth and power to get vaccinated hasn’t been taken well by many healthcare workers. One of the healthcare employees exclaimed that the industry people should be using their positions and power to help and heal the system instead of hurting it.

Another doctor called out the media personnel for what he calls the “bad behavior”. These acts should be condemned and penalized as the powerful individuals are jeopardizing the lives of all those who need them on a priority basis.