Democrats are desperate to take control of the Senate for the next two years. To ascertain these wins, Hollywood celebrities are using their influence in Georgia to help Democrats.

Democrats are leading the elections, but the entire success rests on the fact that who gets to run the Senate. Republicans are going strong when it comes to winning in this respect and their candidates have a local following.

Hollywood celebrities want to see Democrats win and their recent tweets are the proof of that open support. The fact that they are taking interest in Georgia is a little difficult to digest.

The campaign ‘Win Both Seats’ has been founded by two celebrities Kumail and Sophia Bush. This was an attempt to have a generous amount in the form of donations to aid the wins of Raphael Warnock and Ossoff.

They are running against the Republicans in the state of Georgia and they are being funded under this campaign. The celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and DiCaprio have openly supported the Democrats as well.

Joe Biden has taken the lead in the center and now he wants his fellow Democrats to win in their respective regions. This will strengthen his position in the center as Georgia runoffs will give him control of the Senate.

The Senate runoff elections are to be held on January 5 and so far, a huge amount has been collected to support the two Democrats. It is seemingly difficult for Republicans to give a tough time as they might be short on funds.

Many politicians expressed their reservations on the open support by the celebrities as this offset the actual results. People do follow celebrities, but they are not considered to be credible when it comes to real-life issues.

This is important to note that the support can help raise the money required for the win. But this will not help gain more votes as people will always second guess such support from the celebrities.