The U.S maintains its lead for most Covid-19 cases in the world, as the number of positive cases continues to skyrocket. With the holiday season just around the corner, Democrat leaders are looking to reinstate coronavirus restrictions before the festivities begin.

This decision has been met with much hostility by Jim Jordan, the representative of Ohio’s 4th congressional district. The Republican member made a rather direct tweet at the Democrats insisting that instead of calling off thanksgiving and Christmas, they should ‘cancel’ the lockdown.

Keeping the holiday celebrations in mind, the left-wing leaders are planning to rigorously regulate the mobility of American citizens. Unlike before, the newly imposed restrictions also entail private residences.

In the past week, the NY Governor declared that bars, restaurants, and gyms would now be forced to close at 10 pm sharp. Andrew Cuomo also announced a 10-person restraint for attendees at both indoor and outdoor gatherings on private property.

Andrew Cuomo, who recently spoke about his enmity towards President Trump, has been urging local bodies to implement his stringent orders. He stated that the effectiveness of these newly developed guidelines is solely dependent on government enforcement and individual responsibility.

Chicago’s Mayor has been the most vocal about social distancing orders; her stay-at-home advisory has become operational since Monday. Under this, citizens are requested to stay inside at all times other than when they need to go to work or school.

Lori Lightwood has instructed Chicago inhabitants to avoid unnecessary traveling and keep their thanksgiving celebrations restrained. She is also urging residents not to invite any additional family members or friends over for the holidays.

Following these advancements, the New Jersey Governor has also begun to introduce mandates to reinstitute restrictions in Garden State. Gov. Phil Murphy has allowed a maximum of 10 people for indoor events and a maximum of 150 for outdoor events.

Leaders across the US are firm in their belief that these restrictions are being introduced in good faith for the welfare of the Americans. However, some of the Democrat forerunners preaching these reforms have shown a record of breaching their professed faith.

How can they expect discipline from citizens if they fail to lead by example?