Contrary to the Democratic claims, Trump’s decisive victory in the state of Texas was not due to the so-called white supremacists. Instead, a group of unlikely individuals ensured the state remain red; a group Biden and the Democrats had taken for granted – the Hispanics.

President Trump’s margin of victory over Joe Biden in the state was much narrower than the Conservatives would’ve liked – 52.1 percent to 46.5 percent. However, the President triumphed there as well as the House Republicans and GOP Senator John Coryn.

This win, brought about by the votes of the Hispanic Americans, refutes the Democratic assertions that President Trump’s supporters are a bunch of white racists.

According to GOP Rep. Jodey Arrington of Texas, Hispanics have wholeheartedly supported Republicans and Republican policies. Hispanics completely distanced themselves from the policies of the left, as they believe them to be radicals, he added.

Arrington mentioned that Hispanics like every other American want better healthcare, a safe environment, and better economic opportunities. It is now evident that Hispanics are leaning more towards the ideology of conservatives.

The Hispanics’ rich culture is deeply rooted in family, hard work, and jobs. They voted in good faith for the values they believed in, which are not the values shared by Biden and his supporters, who refuse to see past widespread abortions and shutting down churches. Maybe the Democrats would think twice next time before assuming this minority group to be a pushover.