The previous Senate staff member who accused Joe Biden of having sexually assaulted her in the 1990s enraged upon the support given by Hilary Clinton towards him on Tuesday.

Soon afterward Clinton publicly announced her support for Biden, Reade stated that she had voted for Hillary Clinton in the elections of 2016. However, what she now sees is somebody allowing a sexual predator who was her previous boss, Joe Biden.

The campaign by Biden refuted the allegation by Reade, but fresh calls have been issued for him publicly to respond to it, while several news channels confirmed this week in press coverage of the former employee’s account.

Reade said that Clinton has a past that enables powerful people to hide their sexually inappropriate misconduct and sexual mistreatment. She also pointed out this country does not need that at this time. We do not want to modify the corporate culture of rape for our young future generations to come.

The previous VP presented Clinton as someone who should be president of the US to which Clinton said that she feels excited about playing a part of his campaign to not only support him but also to help him point out the issues during the election period.

On Monday, Biden’s staff had revealed a “guest appearance” on Women’s Town Hall. Clinton did send a tweet two hours before the broadcast, hinting that the guest was her.

This week, a neighbor of Reade said to Insider that she remembered reading regarding the ex-Biden staffer’s suspected harassment during the period in which Reade said that the incident happened.

The previous United States senator harassed her in 1993 at a Capitol Hill hallway, says Reade, who was amongst those females who went out last year with tales about Biden being too inappropriate.

Katie Halper was the first one who was told the stories regarding the assault for her show called ‘Katie Halper Show’. Hill.TV as well as Vox have interviewed her.