Illegal immigrants were able to climb a wall that was 30 feet tall and cross two major roads in Texas on Wednesday, but a member of their group who was 15 years old was killed when he was hit by a vehicle as they crossed the third highway.

David Herrera, who was driving the automobile that struck the youngster on Interstate 10 in El Paso, had swerved in an effort to avoid hitting the fleeing migrants. The boy had serious injuries as a result of the collision. After that, he came to a stop, and he was so shaken up that he could hardly talk.

“Once I hit him, I just stopped over here,” said Herrera, 63, pointing to a median strip where he sat in his vehicle after the collision. According to statements made by Herrera to The Post, he resides in the surrounding area of New Mexico and was driving his wife to work on the highway at a speed of sixty miles per hour when the accident occurred on Wednesday morning.

The mishap caused the youngster, who was from Chiapas, Mexico, to break his leg, and an emergency response team took him to the nearest hospital for treatment. Blood was splattered all over the driver’s side of Herrera’s grey GMC.

“There are parts of Texas where you have to worry about hitting a deer,” said an onlooker at the scene of the accident. “Here in El Paso, we worry about hitting people running across the border.”

DPS agents aided the wounded teenager on Wednesday morning. He was among a small group of migrants when they jumped the foot border barrier at Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. They then fled across the three freeways, including Interstate 10, which is the world’s biggest motorway in terms of width. Dozens of migrants who attempt the dangerous crossings are being injured or killed each day in traffic accidents. A video that was shared on social media at the beginning of this month showed more than a dozen migrants jumping over a border barrier and fleeing into oncoming traffic on a major highway in Texas.