The Highland Park parade shooting that killed 6 and injured 31 – the turmoil has started to unfold as eyewitnesses come forward to describe what the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting episode was.

The witnesses and participants of the Highland Park parade have described that the situation became chaotic suddenly as people started to run for their lives as soon as gunshots were heard.

A shooter opened gunfire on the participants of a parade from a rooftop in the early morning of Monday.

The shooting seems to be without a motive as described by the law enforcement agencies. The person of interest in this shooting incident is Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo, III who has been taken into custody.

A lot of witnesses revealed that multiple shots were fired and one of them stated that as many as 20 shots were heard.

“I thought it was the navy saluting the flag with rifles but then I saw people running, I picked up my son and started running. I ran to one of the buildings, I tried to break the glass into getting in with my son and I couldn’t break it,” said a witness named Alexander. “It was horrible. When I went back there were a few people shot on the ground… There was no target… it was shooting whoever.”

Mandatory evacuation drills were carried out by the law enforcement agencies after the area where the shooting took place was sealed.

Alexander further said, “you’re not safe anymore, you’re not going wanna take your kids to a large gathering. And you’re always going to have that. Like when you get in a car accident, traumatic.”

Another witness stated that “it looked like a war zone.” And he was almost caught up in the stampede but God saved him.

Another witness said “All I thought about was getting my daughter to safety, I ran with her, we went to the nearest McDonalds and she lost her shoe along the way, she was scared, all I just wanted was her to be safe. She was in front of walker brothers, she was gonna come sit next to us. I’ll have the girls crossover. They never made it across. The parade was going on and that’s when everything happened.”

Another witness and participant of the parade, Dr. Wendy Rush has been attending the wounded since the eruption of gunfire.

“We heard the gunfire and then it stopped and multiple people, everybody was jumping into action,” Dr. Rush said. “People identified themselves as physicians, as nurses, anyone who could help, had special skills. In our field as an anesthesiologist, we have very specialized skills in managing breathing for people. We are very well trained in CPR and advanced life support and starting IVs and people were just helping all over.”

State Senator Julie Morrison stated that she was just a block away from the point where the shooting took place. She stated, “We heard gunshots that I kind of thought it was fireworks, then all of a sudden this wave of people starts running back towards us screaming, crying, hysterical, carrying their kids.”

After the shooting, police patrolled the nearby areas with rifles to search for other suspects.

Governor JB Pritzker said “My staff and I are closely monitoring the situation in Highland Park. State police are on the scene and we have made all state resources available to the community. We will continue working with local officials to help those affected.”

 He released a full statement as well which read “Today, I ask all Illinoisans to pray for the families who have been devastated by the evil unleashed this morning in Highland Park, for those who have lost loved ones, and for those who have been injured. I also ask that we all pray for our first responders at all levels of government who are actively working to bring the suspect into custody, and whose bravery undoubtedly saved innocent lives on the scene.”