Google has transformed the world of connectivity and the internet making our life a lot easier. From being the world’s first choice as a search engine to engaging into other mediums of the tech world.

Google Drive has been a lifesaver for all those individuals who want to track their documents or work on the go. Moreover, it has also expanded its features which are now based on docs, sheets, and task savers to serve people better. But there are many other add-ons that are available to assist further such as hellofax for google drive.

What is hellofax for google drive?

Hellofax is an online service that offers faxing services for free. It offers a great experience to the user by providing an in-built editor, good value for the documents while making the attachments simple.

The only thing missing at the moment is a dedicated mobile app to serve the purpose of faxing through mobile phones as well but that is also in the pipeline.

The simple version of hellofax is up in the market for free but the more comprehensive options of faxing come with a price tag. The simple free version of hellofax comes with 5 free pages. When you are done with them you need to refill the pages for only $0.99 for up to 10 pages or you can pay $0.20 for every new page.

The home office package of hellofax starts at $9.99 per month whereas the professional hellofax is priced at $19.99 per month.

Another detailed hellofax package is more concise and is labeled as “small business” and has a price tag of $39.99 per month. it curtails all the needs of small businesses regarding their documentation and faxing of the documents.

Speed of hellofax

The spend of hellofax has earned criticism from many users and this is something on which the company is working at the moment. As the officials of hellofax stated the speed of the fax entirely depends upon few things such as the recipient’s fax machine document’s size and one of the most important things is where is it heading? If the recipient is in some far-fetched area that has remote connectivity, then the fax can take some time.

If the recipient is facing a very high document transmission volume that can also slow down the fax.

How to use hellofax from google drive?

A simple way to send your fax directly from google drive needs you to integrate your hellofax account with google drive first.

We have jotted down the process of integration of hellofax into google drive for your ease:

Step by step guide!

  • Open up the hellofax account, go directly to the settings on your right-hand side.
  • Now the integration option will appear in front of you, you need to click on that so all the integration options can appear in front of you.
  • You will see many options like google docs, dropbox, google drive, etc., You need to activate the google drive option so that it is well integrated with the hellofax.
  • Now you are all set to send your documents as fax from hello fax.
  • Do make sure that you receive a confirmation email regarding the integration. Once that is done, you can start the sending of fax by clicking on “begin syncing”
  • Now you have to find the document which you require to send as fax and click on it to highlight it in google drive.
  • Select the “More” option as it will drop down the list of all the documents.
  • Now you have to open the document by choosing the option of hellofax which will make your document get faxed directly from your google drive.
  • Now you have integrated google drive with hellofax, meaning that whenever you need to fax your documents, you are just a click away!

How to use hellofax through google docs?

The fastest way to send faxes is directly from google docs, you can use hellofax. The extension of hellofax is already available in google chrome. You can activate it on your machine or gadget from the add-on list.

We have enlisted steps to use hellofax for google drive:

  • First of all, get hellofax from google docs add ons.
  • Open the google document which you intend to send as a fax. Now activate the add ons from the google chrome list.
  • Once the add ons are activated you can select HelloFax from the list.
  • Once you have opened the hellofax sidebar, you have to add the recipient’s fax number as well as a text to be included in your message.
  • You can also add a cover page but that is optional.
  • Now you click on the Send tab.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your fax has been sent successfully from hellofax.

Hellofax is rapidly diminishing the need for printers, fax machines, scanners, PDF editors, and other signature technology items. It is fastly becoming the go-to app to complete all the tasks regarding documental needs. Hellofax for google drive has made life easier and is truly a bliss for all the individuals who need to fax their documents while traveling or on the go.