The video was posted this week by NASA that allows audiences to watch the landmark third flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in 3D.

In a statement on Wednesday, the agency said that the footage was intended to simulate the Martian surface’s standing and seeing the operation “firsthand”.

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According to the department, NASA’s Perseverance Rover was on hand to capture the historic moment as NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter took to the Martian sky for its third flight on April 25th. Engineers of NASA have already made the trip in three dimensions, adding many details to the flight since the helicopter zooms, hovers, and ascends prior to its return for a precise landing.

NASA says that the photos and videos provided by the dual zoomable camera of the Perseverance Mars rover provide “critical evidence” to navigate and assist scientists in their endeavors to identify rocket targets and probable ancient microbial existence.

On Tuesday, NASA declared that the robotic arm of Rover has initiated the research operations which include a detailed study of the surface and atmosphere of the planet.

Mastcam Z captured images of Martian rocks which are reddish-brown that NASA’s JPL in Southern California is attempting to characterize as sedimentary igneous or resulted from volcanic activity.

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According to the update, Justin Maki, the imaging scientist of JPL, led a team that assembled the footage of the flight of the rotorcraft. Flight’s video frames were reprojected to maximize display in anaglyph.

Since he was a graduate, Maki had apparently been making Mar’s 3D images, but this was his first film.

Justin Maki says that the video functionality of the Mastcam Z camera was acquired from the Mars Science Laboratory’s MARDI Mars Descent Imager camera. He further stated that to be able to repurpose its potential on a different project by acquiring a helicopter’s 3D footage operating over Mars’s soil is truly remarkable.

While Perseverance’s arm operators and drivers currently utilize a more advanced 3D device, Maki’s team has been analyzing still 3D photos to plan rover drives.

He said that a new age of Mars discovery has been heralded by a helicopter landing on Mars. It is an excellent demonstration of a promising technique of discovery. Justin further said that with each trip they will be expanding their options.

The flight of Ingenuity on April 25 happens to be one of the five effective scientific endeavors of research that were successful with one attempt failed.

NASA announced in April that the Ingenuity helicopter would begin a new phase of operations demonstration after demonstrating that driven operated flight is possible on Mars.