On Friday, a fixed– airplane and a helicopter collided in midair, causing two deaths – local authorities reported from Chandler, Arizona.

NOW: Helicopter and plane crash in mid-air above Chandler Airport

On Friday morning, a Robinson R22 helicopter and a single-engine Piper PA-28 collided with each other at Chandler Airpark. As per the news received from the police dept and Federal Aviation Administration, authorities asked people to leave the place of the incident at once.

Sgt. Jason McClimans stated those who were in the helicopter died due to crashing. But they did not disclose any further details. 

The local police reported being at the scene of the collision.

The police posted on Twitter, “We are at the scene of a mid-air collision between a plane and helicopter at a Chandler Airpark. We ask anyone who possibly witnessed or caught this incident on camera to contact Chandler PD at 480-782-4130.”

The authorities further reported that the plane had a safe landing but damaged its gear. On the other hand, the helicopter caught fire on crashing. To date, two deaths have been reported by the Chandler Fire department.

As per McClimans, the plane was being operated by Flight Operations Academy, and Quantum Helicopters controlled the helicopter – both are flight schools. 

The spokesperson from Chandler, Arizona, who resides 22 miles southwest of Phoenix stated that they have taken the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration to investigate the crash incident.