A spokesperson for the actress Anne Heche informed several news sites on Monday that she has entered a coma and is now in very serious condition after an accident in which she smashed her vehicle into a house in Los Angeles, igniting both the house and the automobile.

“She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention,” Michael McConnell, her representative, told news outlets. “She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident.”

An automobile ran into a house in the Mar Vista district of Los Angeles at around 10:55 a.m. on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department, which resulted in a “major fire.” Heche, who is 53 years old, was extricated from the vehicle, which was a Mini Cooper, and sent to a hospital.

According to the information provided by the fire service, it took 59 firemen and 65 minutes to put out the fire, which resulted in significant property damage.

CNN stated that a lady was inside the house at the time of the accident but that she escaped unharmed. According to the message that accompanies the GoFundMe appeal, a campaign has been established to gather money for the lady who “lost her entire lifetime of possessions.”

Officer Norma Eisenman, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department, confirmed to The Washington Post that the agency is looking into the circumstances surrounding the collision, including the chances of DUI at the time of the incident. According to Eisenman, a warrant for the actress’s blood was acquired on the same day that the event occurred. Heche was not accused of committing any crime as of the early hours of Tuesday.

The Post reached out to the representatives of Heche for comment, but they did not make a comment over the incident.

Anne Heche began her acting career in the 1980s by appearing on the soap opera “Another World,” and she went on to participate in films such as “Six Days Seven Nights” and “Donnie Brasco”. Beginning in the late 1990s, she was in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres that lasted for three and a half years and garnered a great deal of attention from the public.

Richard Glass, the proprietor of a salon in Venice where Heche made the purchase, told the Los Angeles Times that Heche seemed to be in high spirits and she did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol when she made the purchase at around 10:35 a.m. on the day of the accident. He added a happy-looking Heche in an Instagram picture that he uploaded.

According to TMZ, Heche was involved in a car accident that morning in which she slammed into an apartment building’s garage. The news organization claims to have access to video that shows the victim veering away from the scene of the accident; however, the video does not have a time stamp.

According to reports from the media sources, surveillance video taken at 10:53 a.m. on that day shows Heche’s blue Mini Cooper racing through Mar Vista shortly before it crashes into the home. The clip was acquired by CBSLA and TMZ.

David Manpearl, the neighbor of the house that was demolished, told the Times that he was working at his desk when he witnessed a vehicle whiz by his window. The automobile was traveling at a high rate of speed. A few seconds later, he heard a loud crash. According to what he told the Times, Manpearl hurried out of his home, where he observed a vehicle that had gone through the front of his neighbor’s house and was jammed in the rear wall. When he went inside, he informed the publication that he spotted a resident who was barefoot and standing in the center of her kitchen, pleading for assistance with her pets.

“She couldn’t move because the ceiling had come down, so there was all kinds of debris everywhere,” David Manpearl said, mentioning that he helped the house’s occupant get to safety, and he tried to help Heche as well.

“It got to a point where there was fire everywhere. It was all around us,” Manpearl told the Times. “It had spread from the car to the house and the smoke was getting thick. I kept hoping that the fire department was there, but it hadn’t come yet, and eventually, I had to leave the house for my own safety.”

Heche was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, and CBSLA stated that the blue Mini Cooper that had been smashed was eventually retrieved out of the home.