HONOLULU, Hawaii – A powerful storm packed with heavy rainfall and high winds strikes the island and causes power failure across the city, officials warn of an even worse situation in the coming days.

Due to the low-pressure system gradually moving from the east to the west side and now lingering on the corner of the archipelago islands, the National Weather Service has predicted “catastrophic flooding” in the next hours.

On Monday night, Gov. David Ige announced an emergency call for all the residents of the island. He said, “Now is the time to make sure you have an emergency plan in place and supplies ready should you need to move away from rising water.”

According to the reports received from the Oahu Island, only four shelters were opened while the beaches near Waikiki were vacant and only a few people were seen passing under the heavy storm with their umbrellas. Roads were flooded, and cars gradually moved through the city as the accumulated rainwater gushed through maintenance hole covers.

catastrophic flooding

Meanwhile, Maui faced flooding and power breakdowns after 30 centimeters of heavy rainfall hit the area and drowned the volcanic island.

Due to relentless rain, three couples from the country had to postpone their wedding, reported Nicole Bonanno, the owner of a flower shop in Wailea,  Bella Bloom Floral.

The worse weather conditions also caused a delay in flower deliveries as the employees braved through flooded streets, trashed with debris, said, Bonanno.

“The roads, everything are a mess. There are lots of trees down,” she said.

Jimmy Gomes, a Maui resident, reported facing a power outage on Sunday at around 6:00 pm and since then waiting for it to get restored. “I haven’t seen this kind of rain in a long time,” he said after witnessing 17.78 centimeters of rain in his area.

“Last night the wind was howling. But this morning, it came in really foggy and it rained, then it stopped” he said.

On Sunday, Big Island’s mayor Mitch Roth announced an emergency state and warned of potential threats due to strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, weather officials reported that some other areas located in the South of Hilo experienced a downpour over the weekend.