One died and several were dealing with power outages after torrential rain caused landslides and floods in the region, affecting various parts of the US Northwest and compelling the largest port of Vancouver to close.

A woman has reportedly died after a landslide caused a major highway to block in British Columbia, CBS reported.

Earlier in the same region, a helicopter rescued 300 people caught in the landslide while the torrential rains forced railway lines regulated by Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Rail to close.

The heavy flood caused major disasters in the US Northwest region across the border and forced several people to leave their homes – Associated Press reported.

Officials residing in Suma, Washington, called the damage due to excessive rain devastating. Seventy-five percent of homes saw water damage that caused hundreds of residents to evacuate.

On Tuesday, near Southwest, Sumas, a 59 years old man identified as Jose Garcia, went missing after the flood swept away his vehicle and left him hooked to a tree – police dept reported.

Being the largest port, Vancouver deals with $440 million worth of shipments carrying automobiles, coal, grains, and other essential stuff – Reuters estimated.

The Western region of Washington has been heavily affected by torrential rains as they damaged several power lines in the area.

Early Wednesday, 18,500 homes reportedly remained without electricity – reported.

On Monday in western Washington, around 158,000 households faced electricity cuts when the storm was the strongest – Associated Press reported.

According to the experts, the underlying reason for disastrous rain was an atmospheric river – an excessive amount of moisture stretched over the Pacific Northwest. Earlier this year, the US Northwest and British Columbia were severely hit with similar kinds of extreme weather that, according to experts, happened due to climate change.

Moreover, British Columbia has also witnessed catastrophic wildfires that have emblazed the entire region. It was recorded as the most disastrous event as a dome of heat appeared over the region.
The current week’s disastrous flooding is also recorded as the most devastating the region has seen in recent years.


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