Californian Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency as the golden state braces itself for a potential triple-digit heatwave.

Various parts of California and some neighboring regions of the western United States have been gripped by soaring temperatures. The temperatures rose up to 118 degrees.

 The state of emergency was declared to address the power grid companies as they warned the residents of potential blackouts during the heatwave. This move was registered in order to warn the citizens to have backup generators and engines ready during extreme heat peril conditions. The power-providing companies have warned Californians to lessen the usage of electricity as the state heads towards a sweltering weekend.

A potential heatwave struck the state in 2020 also, Newsom and other leaders were largely criticized over their efforts to aid Californians, as almost 200,000 residents suffered from power outages for almost two days, something which was a first for many in nearly 2 decades.

According to PG&E Crop, California’s biggest utility company; if a blackout happens it will affect more than 360,000 customers this year but they are working in their full potential to avoid such mishap like last year, still it wanted the families to brace for power outage for an hour or two in order to avoid the rolling blackouts like last summers.

The utility companies are also rolled back during the energy period to restrict fuel consumption in order to enhance the air quality.

California’s main power grid operator issued a statement “Flex alert”, asking the residents to conserve the power and set their thermostats to above 78 degrees. They also requested the residents to avoid using the dishwashers, washers, and other major carbon-emitting appliances.

The residents of the golden state were requested to keep the unwanted lights off in order to avoid power outages during the heatwave which plagued California in the heatwave last summer.

Conservation efforts aided the Californians to keep the lights turned on all through Thursday as a major part of the population cranked up their air conditioners amidst the first heat wave of the year.

On the other hand, the National Weather Service released a warning of “dangerously hot, potentially life-threatening temperature” till Saturday across the state of California. A heat advisory was also released and the residents were urged to open a cooling center.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman Richard Glick stated that summer has hit California earlier than expected. The extreme conditions have started to appear earlier and with more ferocity; this is clearly related to global warming and climatic change