12-year-old girl survived a heart attack after contracting coronavirus

A strange new disease in children is being investigated: Juliet comes back from the...

12-years-old Juliet Daly was taken to the emergency as she suffered from a heart attack. Her parents knew this was something much more serious as they saw her lips...
Another wave of coronavirus will likely hit the US in the fall

Coronavirus will hit the US in the fall again Here’s why

People around the country are eager to return to their offices, schools, gyms, and places that were an integral part of their daily lives. However, the novel coronavirus we...
America was sick long before coronavirus arrived

America was affected by a threat greater than COVID-19

America, the land of opportunities and possibilities, has been facing the worst outbreak of COVID-19 compared to its counterparts such as France, China, Italy, and the U.K. However, Americans...
COVID-19 patients recovering quickly after getting experimental drug remdesivir

Remdesivir drug experiment: COVID-19 patients recovering quickly

Due to the ongoing increasing cases of COVID-19, it has been declared a pandemic by the WHO. New drugs are being experimented with each day to reach a breakthrough.  One...
New York and other hot spots are getting longer coronavirus peaks than expected

The US Government plans to ease Lockdown as the Economy Suffers

Specialists claim that the pandemic of coronavirus is increasingly pervasive in New York and other hot spots, though Southern states may not be as hard hit as previously expected. Researchers...
How to handle the stress

Can get over the Stress of Visiting Grocery Store in Pandemic? Here’s How

Visiting the grocery mart can be something that isn’t very easy for a lot of people. Since the coronavirus outbreak, this simple activity has become much more difficult for...
FDA authorizes blood purification device to treat COVID-19

Blood purification device authorized by FDA to get rid of the coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved a blood purification device for coronavirus patients. This device will help the patients who are suffering from the novel coronavirus and...
The US explores the possibility that coronavirus started in Chinese lab, not a market

Coronavirus Started In a Lab, United States Investigates Possibility

Hundreds of thousands of people have tragically died due to the novel coronavirus. While the pandemic continues, investigators have started to find out the origin of such a rampant...
Coronavirus lockdown results in 30 percent air pollution drop in northeastern US

30% Reduction in Air Pollution, Reason Coronavirus: NASA

NASA’s GSFC has recorded a 30% decrease in nitrogen dioxide levels in the air over a few months of lockdown as compared to the pollution record in years 2015...
An influential model projects coronavirus deaths will stop this summer

Decline of deaths due to COVID-19 by June 2021, according to Influential Model

White House has projected a model that predicts the range of cases of COVID-19 will decline till summer 2021. However, the stances before model vary as recorded from different...