The US has been skeptical of the novel coronavirus situation and they have been arguing its impacts on the economy. Officials at times completely neglected the impact of virus on the workers.

The Trump administration has been bouncing between ideas of keeping the economy steady and working towards people’s health. This entire situation has been taken lightly by the government, which resulted in more cases per day.

The workers are suffering, and they are at constant exposure to the virus. This means that the health of Americans is the second priority of the government and politicians.

America is one of the most affected countries when it comes to confirmed cases of COVID-19. This indicates the priorities of the administration.

COVID-19 drains the energy from the infected people even with mild symptoms. Moreover, if a person is positive, he or she is likely to be a carrier even if they do not show the symptoms.

Fatigue and shortness of breath are the symptoms of the coronavirus. These symptoms are enough to make a person unable to work properly.

This also sparks fear among others who are trying to make things work by taking precautions. But if you are working in an environment where even infected individuals are allowed to work, then it becomes difficult to show up for work with enthusiasm.

People are also facing difficulty in deciding whether to work or have their health as their primary concern. People facing the issues of poverty are more likely to work under any circumstance just to get through the month.

Another problem is that the administration is not understanding the gravity of the situation. This has been indicated with their approval of the limited sick leave by Congress.

People are dying due to this fatal coronavirus and the government is more concerned with keeping the economy intact. They are true to some extent, because the pandemic may undo the progress the country has made till now.

This entire situation is new to any government in the world and the fatality rate is increasing not just in America but in the world. All the efforts are practically going in vain because it is difficult to contain the pandemic and reopen businesses.