When Radulescu left Medtronic after working there for a year, he never thought that he would be making ventilators ever again. As an assistant at the ventilator making company named Medtronic, Victor learned innovative things at a very young age. After that, he took another job at Virgin Orbit.

Virgin Orbit created space rockets and Victor was fascinated with it. Ever since then, he has been working on space rockets that can get attached to a 747 aircraft. He admitted that he was smitten with how flying worked and the techniques which were being used to build the rockets.

He was still working at Virgin Orbit when coronavirus struck the hardest in America this year. People were sick, some were dying and there was a shortage of ventilators globally. Virgin Orbit was given business and asked to help in the pandemic.

The company’s CEO began to think of ideas. They decided to make ventilators as they were not in a large supply in the hour of need. Corona deaths in America were rising day by day.

Victor received a call from the company engineer who knew that he used to assist in making ventilators and knew too much. The company set up quick meetings with doctors discussed ideas and designs and decided to make ventilators that would be simple and quick to produce.

Radulescu particularly knew that ventilators used in hospitals usually are not simple to make, they require time and are not convenient either. He also knew the production process is complicated and therefore, he insisted Virgin Orbit start designing his kind of ventilator.

The ventilators are not exactly like normal ventilators, which are complicated machines. Instead, these simple ventilators by Virgin Orbit will help people breathe and the normal ventilators can be used for people with critical health and high risk of death.

These ventilators are named bridge ventilators. Due to the lack of ventilators, many researchers and doctors also thought of using Ambu bags. They’re manually used to help a patient breathe.

Since the use is manual, it can be extremely hard to use them on patients who might require breathing assistance for weeks. To come up with a solution, Victor reached out to help.