One of the most loved HBO’s series Westworld is returning to screen with its fourth season. This came to light when Joy and Nolan had a major agreement last year with Amazon Studios.

For the fourth season, the premium cable channel has revived Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan’s sci-fi series. The VFX-heavy show featuring Wood, Newton, and Wright was off the air for almost two years between seasons two and three.

A return date has not been announced so far. Other than this, an episode count has not been specified by HBO either. Season one and season two had 10 episodes each and season three had 8 episodes in total.

As Westworld continues being the central piece of HBO’s original scripted schedule, the renewal comes as little surprise. The revival was a greater payoff of Joy and Nolan as part of their nine-figure agreement brokered last year with Amazon.

Although Amazon will build fresh projects with the married showrunners, the agreement involved upfront payment for their services as Westworld showrunners for what reports claim may be up to season six.

Westworld’s season three was a reinvention, where the action was shifted from the Westworld theme park to the “real” world. In this season, the rebellious robots are trying to eliminate mankind so they could rise.

Even though season three had a new twist, it still decreased the number of views by a huge percentage. As much as a 57 percent decrease in the number of viewers was recorded compared to the previous season.

However, Westworld is one of HBO’s significant franchises, and it is obvious how popular the show is. This is why the announcement of Westworld’s fourth season seems justified.