Have Madelyn Cline, 23, and Chase Stokes, 29, broken up?

Madelyn Cline, spotted dancing in a video with Ross Butler, in Milan Italy, became the subject of public speculation that Madelyn has broken up with Chase Stokes, the “Outer Banks” star.

‘Outer Banks’ Star Madelyn Cline Dances With Ross Butler As Fans Speculate She & Chase Stokes Broke

What made the fans think that the two have broken up? When Madelyn was captured hanging out with Ross Butler, 31, in Milan during the so-called Paris Fashion Week, fans’ suspicion began. Moreover, she was also spotted sitting beside the “13 Reasons Why” actor Ross Butler at the Salvatore Ferragamo last Saturday, Sept 25.

On that night, Ross updated his Instagram with a photo of that event.

Later, on Thursday, Sept 30, TMZ posted a video of Madelyn and Ross dancing affectionately at Cera restaurant. In that video, Ross Butler softly twirls Madelyn. They seem to be having fun and pretty comfortable with each other.

Of course, seeing Ross and Madelyn together roaming around in Italy is totally fine. However, the fans are concerned about Madelyn’s relationship status with Chase as they featured in the hit Netflix series and also announced publicly that they were dating.

Once the dating news was officially revealed, Chase said he was “Superly excited” about his new relationship in an exclusive interview.

Later in Nov 2020, Madelyn also made a statement regarding her relationship with Chase, as she stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, that “It’s really cool. Love is tight,” and that, “It’s cool to share this experience with your favorite people and also your favorite person. I don’t really know — I feel very happy.”

Madelyn and Chase made their last official public appearance at MTV Movie and TV Awards in May 2021.

The couple was also captured making out on the stage after they won the “Best Kiss” couple award – much to the fan’s excitement.

Indeed, Madelyn and Chase have been one of the favorite couples of fans, so let’s just hope they are still together.