A Halloween party in Illinois resulted in a massacre when gunfire erupted leaving two dead and as many as a dozen people injured in the wee hours of Sunday.

According to the Will County Illinois Sheriff’s office, almost a dozen individuals were shot at a backyard Halloween party on Jackson street in the area of Joliet township. The incident which took place after midnight at a party had over 200 people gathered to celebrate the occasion of Halloween.

Joliet is a small town located near Chicago almost 40 miles in the southeast.

The Sheriff’s office stated that “the shots came from an elevated position on a porch looking down over the crowd.”

An eyewitness reported that “everyone was there having fun, and all of a sudden as we’re dancing on the back patio, shots started going off from the porch.” The deadly episode took place near a DJ booth which was set up in the backyard where the party took place.

The first police officer to arrive at the crime scene was an officer who was patrolling in the area when he heard the gunshots. While the first responders and officers were helping out the gunshot victims in assisting them to be transferred to the hospital, they heard several more gunshots. The first responders saw hundreds of people fleeing from the Halloween party.

Two of the partygoers were pronounced dead at the crime scene when the police arrived.

The police have not released the identification of the victims but have stated that there were at least two different shooters.

The Will County Sheriff’s office asked the public to help them identify and capture the culprits. They asked for any kind of information whether in the form of a picture or video of the party which can help them potentially capture the culprit will be more than welcome.

The Sheriff’s office made a statement saying “detectives with the County Sheriff’s office began conducting interviews at various locations and the Will/Grundy major crimes task force was activated in order to assist detectives with conducting interviews.”