Gus Trujillo who is a young Texas Democratic congressional candidate told Fox & Friends in July that he wants to be a voice, not for the politics and the president but for the people.

In the 13th district, he also won Tuesday’s primary runoff, and on ‘Fox and Friends’ faced Trump’s physician Ronny Jackson.

Trujillo told, that it is going to make a big difference because he is a local candidate and has lived and grown up in the local area and reached out to local public schools, colleges, and universities.

He said he wants to be a voice for the people from where he belongs and not for the politics and the president.

Since district 13 consists of up to 40 counties, it seems like Gus Trujillo’s battle is bigger and harder.

When asked to tell something about his police defunding activities and how he is planning to manage the controversies; Trujillo said that he is not completely in favor of police defunding but he thinks that we should be spending more money on communities, mental health, and social services and less on police.

He further explained that if we invest more in the communities, the communities will become so able that police won’t need to do more strict duties.

Trujillo reported that he is also in the favor of the Green New Deal of the democrats whose mission is to spend a large amount of up to trillion dollars to deal with climate change.

This will also create a million new job opportunities that would be safe and would help the economy, which has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.