Dramatic footage showcasing the beginning of the gunfight between Antifa demonstrators and the Proud Boys at Downtown Portland has emerged, which will help the police reach the main culprit easily.

According to the short video, an unidentified man is seen shielding behind a trash can before firing a single shot from his handgun in downtown Portland on Sunday. Just moments later his gunshot was responded to by the Antifa protests.

The violent & dramatic footage’s timing coincides with the other far-right group of proud boys attending a summer of love conservatory event in Oregon City.

The Summer of Love event was held in the suburban K-mart in an abandoned parking lot, which later on turned into a violent affair when over 30 participants of the Antifa club cladded themselves in dark “black” attire and walked past the event instigating the proud boys to react and prompt to start a fight.

A full-fledged fight was started between the two groups which saw a gas station and a convenience store being blown away by airsoft projectiles and explosive elements. Air guns, paintballs, and sprayed chemicals were openly used during the scuffle between the two violent groups. The fight was halted briefly as medics approached to treat wounded from both sides.

The Summer of Love event was badly overturned as the attendees were made to flee the premises while the proud boys spray-painted the slogan “F**k around and find out” on the walls of the city.

The man who filmed the gunshot footage was later arrested by the police but no connections were revealed between any of the groups and the video maker.