With each passing minute, technology is spreading its wings further across the world. The new, most recent wave of digitization has prompted a change amongst people of all ages. From boisterous teenagers to composed seniors, a massive shift can be seen towards digital tools like televisions and laptops.

In fact, most senior citizens seem to be intrigued by the entire process. A laptop not only allows them to be in touch with their loved ones, but also provides them the opportunity to explore new interests. If you want to get a laptop for your grandmother or any other senior, here is a list of some of the best laptops for seniors.

The Best Laptop – Easy to Use

Even in the increasingly digitized world of today, seniors are often unable to grasp the technicalities involved in using a laptop. It may be a tad bit overwhelming to use a laptop for them at first, considering they are new to the entire process.

Hence, if you wish to provide them a hassle-free, easy-to-use laptop, the Telikin Freedom 15-inch touchscreen laptop can prove to be a good choice. Starting at $899, the laptop dynamics have been adapted from the Telikin home computer. Since the Telikin home computer had been specifically designed for senior citizens, it is undoubtedly user-friendly and simple to use.

Despite its user-friendly interface, the Telikin home computer came with its own set of limitations. Considered as one of the best laptops for seniors in terms of simplicity, the laptop is unfortunately only compatible with HP printers. Moreover, the laptop has a number of pre-installed applications for use, but may not be able to support all the apps that you wish to download and subsequently use.

With that being said, the laptop is primarily designed for seniors who usually only prefer going online for specific tasks. These activities may range from playing online games, video chatting with loved ones to using social media and Microsoft documents.

Thus, if the chosen individual won’t engage in using extra applications and requires a user-friendly laptop, the Telikin Freedom is an ideal choice.

The Best Laptop – Size of Keyboard

Most senior citizens have often complained about the size of the keypad. Although this criticism is primarily associated with mobile phone keys, the complaint frequently transcends beyond laptops and other portable devices.

Thus, if the keyboard size is a problem for the senior, it is important to invest in a laptop that has a larger keyboard. On principle, a majority of laptops will have a bigger keyboard. If you pick a laptop model that is at least 13 inches or larger, a moderate sized keyboard can be expected. This type of keyboard will allow seniors to see and push all keys effectively.

However, if you are buying for a senior who would prefer the luxury of a separate keyboard, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga would be a great choice for $779.99.  With a 12-inch screen, it allows you to take out the keyboard if needed and push it back when done. Additionally, it also weighs less and will be easy for seniors to hold, use and carry.

Hence, the best laptop for seniors in terms of keyboard size would be the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga that functions similar to a laptop.

The Best Laptop – Long Term Use

Since laptops are fairly expensive, an individual’s budget plays an integral role in choosing the product. Most seniors find themselves with a limited budget for electronics, whilst others giving a gift to seniors are faced with the hard task of buying an expensive product.

Hence, the crux of the story is simple: The laptop should not only work well, but should be durable as well. If you want to gift a durable laptop to a senior, you should try to purchase the higher-end products in the range.

A laptop priced high might cost you a lot at that moment, but it guarantees reliability and can end up lasting a good couple of years before dying out completely. The ASUS VivoBook S Ultra-Thin and Portable laptop are one of the best laptops for seniors, simply because it is well suited for long-term use.

Additionally, the 15.6-inch screen also allows seniors to read text easily, watch videos without a hassle, and play games with extraordinary graphics. The ASUS VivoBook also has a screen that lights up at the back and thus, seniors can even use the laptop in dull lighting.

Therefore, this can be considered as the best laptop for seniors as it is a combination of some of the best features: easy to use, durable and efficient.

Bottom Line

If you are on the lookout for great quality laptops for seniors, you can always rummage through local shops to get these devices at the best prices.