A video shared on YouTube showed a heart-stopping moment where a bison charged at two unsuspecting tourists. The video which has since been viewed over 2 million times, captured the terrifying moment.

In the video, two bison are seen strolling until one of them decides to speed up and charge the tourists standing nearby. It was not all terrifying until one of them falls to the ground. Although nearby bystanders jumped into action to save the tourist, it was a piece of loud advice that saved her.

Tourist Tumbles in Yellowstone National Park to Avoid Charging Bison

“Pretend to be dead!”

It may seem like useless advice; however, it worked perfectly as the bison slowed down and sniffed the tourist. The bystanders kept repeating the advice until the noise drove off the bison into a safe distance. This allowed the tourist to walk away from the scene unharmed.

The video, which was shared on Friday, did not disclose the original location of the incident. However, Cowboy State Daily reported that the incident took place somewhere around the Nez Perce Creek.

Tourists, visiting the Yellowstone National Park, are often warned about bison since they are known to change unexpectedly. Bison are wild and have a high record of injuring tourists. The Yellowstone National Park’s website has a specific section on bison. In it, they have shared a message which advises the tourists to maintain a distance of at least 25 yards.

Despite their bulky stature, bison can run extremely fast; three times faster than an average human being. Any encounter with a bison could easily turn gruesome as they weigh 2000-pounds and can stand as tall as 6-foot.

Just last month, a Yellowstone tourist was gored after they got extremely close to the bison to take a photo. In a separate incident, another tourist was injured after trying to get too close to the wild animal.

The Yellowstone National Park rangers have issued multiple oral warnings to tourists. They regularly advise them to stay away from not only the bison but from other wild animals as well. Despite the continued admonishment, only a handful of tourists pay heed to the warnings, as visible through this video.