In New York, a group of Republicans was partying without following SOPs. This has been highlighted in the media and they are being heavily criticized by the masses.

On social media, videos and images of such events spread like wildfire and this is what happened. The videos of this party went viral where the Republicans were seen dancing in conga-line and not wearing masks.

The holiday season is upon everyone and the COVID-19 restrictions are being increased to stop the spread of the coronavirus. People are asked to spend their time in their homes and follow all the standard procedures recommended by healthcare professionals.

This party was allegedly organized in an Italian restaurant that is located in Queens. The Whitestone Republicans group and the restaurant were reluctant to comment on the situation right away.

The club issued statement days after the video got viral, which was seen by millions of Americans. The party was held at the start of December where they claimed that all the SOPs were followed.

According to the SOPs for restaurants, they can only entertain dine-in customers not exceeding 25% of their capacity. However, the restaurant under discussion didn’t adhere to this rule and can be seen violating it while hosting Republicans.

The coronavirus was one of the worst nightmares of New York City as the city came to a complete halt. The reason for all the strict restrictions in NYC is all in respect to avoid any further outbreak.

Christmas is approaching and so is New Year’s Eve, the two most important days of the year. Joe Biden and his family have also shown support to the people and gave their best even on Thanksgiving.

It is a disturbing sight for people to see their representatives partying in a restaurant amidst a crisis. They are the ones who are supposed to be role models to the nation so that people follow them.

More than 40 people were seen at the party where the masks were an obsolete thing and no SOPs were followed. This Christmas party is being investigated by the State Liquor Authority responsible for enforcing SOPs in NYC.