The XBOX live gold update will be launched in October. In this updated version, there will inclusion of free games too.

The gaming console has released the news of free games for its fans. No specific date of release has been given yet but it is expected to come out in October.

The fans cannot wait for the new titles. Some of the games will be available for playing on the last weekend of September. The games that can be played using XBOX live gold are ‘Hunt: Shutdown’, ‘Warhammer: Chaosbane’, and ‘Sea of Thieves’.

The game Hunt: Showdown is basically about different scary creatures like monsters who roam around in the swamp areas. The player is part of the group who’s intended to kill those monsters and eradicate their presence from their world. This game is quite scary with its sudden startling monster attacks.

The new version of Hunt: Showdown has updated elements of PvP and PvE. These updated features will provide a better gaming experience with intensified placement of the character and the defense gears. There has also been the inclusion of new challenges and rewards making the game a lot more interesting.

Warhammer: Chaosbane is a game about protection and survival. According to the game structure, the player is the only left savior of a huge empire that is under the spell of war and magic. Different characters can be chosen by the player. Each character has its specialties and distinctive defensive features.

Warhammer: Chaosbane can be played solo or with multiple players. The goal is to get rid of the monsters and the chaotic situation inside the empire. This game can be best for players who like survival games with historic animations.

The game Sea of Thieves is based on a pirate theme that involves many interesting adventures. On the upcoming Gold special weekend, the pirate sailors can avail of double rewards and many other exciting gaming features. The event of XBOX that will be on 30 September, will offer many new game titles and opportunities for the players.