With technology growing at an exponential rate, the traditional way of living has changed to a great extent. Traditional cellphones are long gone and have now been replaced with high-tech, complex, and difficult-to-understand devices. The onset of these cell phones made life quite difficult, especially for seniors across the globe. Even making a simple call on these phones is a hassle!

If the problems associated with handling a phone weren’t enough, the unanticipated, high charges don’t make things easier. Hence, it is important to invest in great call plans for seniors that are specially designed by companies to help elderly people.

Several cell phone companies have now started to offer a range of accessible, convenient, and hassle-free plans. Thus, if your current cell phone provider is proving to be expensive for you, take a look at some of these great call plans for seniors.



One of the best providers, the GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Plan has been specifically designed to make senior’s life simple. At $59.99, this plan has a few notable features:

Jitterbug 1
Source: mobihealthnews.com
  • Unlimited; data, call time, and text messages
  • A pre-downloaded Lyft service. (Just need to dial 0.)
  • A curated health package for seniors- provides 24/7 access to medical applications, medical personnel, friends, and family
  • No exclusive contract
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting and a call ID


Jitterbug’s plan qualifies as a great call plan for seniors as it provides them with the best of features in a straightforward manner. A phone designed particularly for elders, it has large buttons and an easy-to-use interface. Seniors using this plan won’t have to navigate through the complex phone; the Jitterbug plan will make their usage straightforward. Moreover, with a mix of features to keep you safe, the Jitterbug Smart Plan is exactly what you need in life right now. With a health and safety option, you can easily secure your medical information in place.  Seniors won’t even have to worry about forgetting their medical appointments as this plan would give them automatic medical alerts.

Consumer Cellular


Founded in 1995, Consumer Cellular has been leveraging communication needs by providing a range of different cellphones, accessories, and plans for people over 50. The best plan offered by the company is the Unlimited Talk & Text +2GB Data, which is catered to the needs of the elderly.  A great call plan for seniors, this $30 data plan allows them to get their hands on different services that are listed below:

Consumer Cellular
Source: consumercellular.com
  • A 2GB data plan
  • Unlimited; calling and texting
  • Proper call forwarding and call waiting
  • A special 3-way calling feature
  • You can use your phone or buy a new phone altogether
  • The EasyPay option allows you to pay in installments, with 0 interest
  • You can add one person to the plan for just an extra $15


The Unlimited Text and Talk plan of Consumer Cellular is one of the best things a senior could have. With the absence of a contract and other formalities, the plan is ideal for elders who want premium quality services without any added difficulties. Since this plan does not require seniors to sign contracts, it is the perfect investment for them as they can easily switch their cell phone service as well. Additionally, it gives seniors the options to make their plans; from features to data usage, everything is in their hands.  Thus, this is one of the great call plans for seniors as there are no added costs. Even if you purchase the plan and don’t like it, there is an option to cancel it without being charged any extra fees.


One of America’s largest and fastest networks, T-Mobile has developed a unique cell phone plan to help seniors in need. The T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ is a combination of some of the best features; from unlimited data to widespread coverage, it is ranked as one of the great call plans for seniors. For $50, this plan offers a variety of features highlighted below.

Source: wsj.com


  • Unlimited; minutes, text, and data
  • Stable price- won’t change until and unless you modify your plan
  • Allows conference calling with ease
  • Unlimited calls to/from U.S, Mexico, Canada
  • Call waiting and proper voicemail
  • No contract or additional formalities
  • You can add a line, allows 2 lines each month for $70


Apart from the magnificent features of T-Mobile’s plan, the service is only available for customers who are above the age of 55. Since it has been designed specifically for seniors, you will get many benefits including unlimited data and talk time. If you have relatives and family members living abroad, staying in touch with them is not a problem anymore. The T-Mobile application will also give you the chance to enjoy playing DVDs online. Offered at a very reasonable price, the T Mobile plan is a one-stop solution for seniors.