Jack Peter Grealish, the English football player and midfielder for Aston Villa was criticized by the former football player Graeme Souness.

He suggested that Grealish was a player with the most fouls and even though the player is talented, he still needs to learn a  lot about the game.

Previous captain and midfielder of Liverpool Graeme Souness reprimanded the commitment of Jack Grealish to Aston Villa, asserting that he didn’t understand the game too well right now. He affirmed that the sportsman had potential but he was not a top player right now.

Souness was on Sky Sports, talking about Grealish. He said that he wouldn’t ever want to be a sportsman with so many fouls in the Premier League. Souness is a commentator on Sky Sports and often talks about football players.

Emile Heskey, who was present alongside Grealish on the show, argued that Grealish needed support from his fellow players. He said that there was hardly any motion before him, which is why he took extra touches.

Souness did not agree with that. He said, as a player, they’re all trained to read the ball quickly. Understanding your opponent’s mindset and even manipulating them to score is the beauty of football. He believed that a player who has fouls like that; he is not understanding and pursuing the game properly.

Graeme Souness said that if he were to choose to play against any player, he would choose Grealish. He explained that he would want to play against a player who would let the game get to his head.

Jack Grealish is considered one of the top-ranked players in the Premier League and the best in Aston Villa. There are rumors of him joining Manchester United in the summer soon.