News outlets, Twitter and talk shows still can’t stop recalling the incident that happened almost a week ago, when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the biggest award show.

“A week later at the Grammys, Hollywood still can’t stop talking about Will Smith’s Oscars slap,” Yahoo Entertainment Tweeted.

Since a week has passed, Smith has withdrawn his membership from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and apologized to Rock for the unfortunate incident.

Rock opened up about how he is “still processing what happened” at one of his live specials that took place in the days following the awards. Jada Pinkett Smith meanwhile shared an Instagram post with the caption “healing.”

Meanwhile, at the 2022 Grammy Awards, John Batiste bagged four and Olivia Rodrigo was awarded ‘pop honor’ for ‘Driver’s License’.

Here is how some Grammy attendees weighed in on the famous Will Smith slap.

  1.  “It’s not my business” says Jimmy Allen:

American country music artist, Mickey Guyton who still can’t believe what happened at the Oscars, said, “Nothing similar would happen at the Grammys.”

While Jimmie Allen, who was nominated for Best New Artist said, “I wasn’t there, and It’s not my business.”

  • Trevor Noah pledged to ‘keep people’s names out of our mouths’

Trevor Noah, the Grammy 2022 show host, made a reference to Smith’s opening lines for the Academy Award show, saying, “It’s going to be a beautiful evening. Don’t think of it as an awards show – this is a concert where we’re going to give awards.”

He added, “We’re going to listen to some music, we’ll dance, we sing, we’ll put people’s names out of our mouths, and we’re going to give them awards all night.”

  • Questlove requested the live audience stay ‘500 feet away from me’

American Musician Questlove, whose Summer of Soul (or, when the revolution could not be televised) got the ‘Best Documentary’ title last week said at the Grammys, “I’m going to give you this award and I believe you’re 500 feet away from me. Just play.”

Last week after the Oscars’ incident, Questlove refused to make any comments to the reporters, backstage. “I’m not talking about it,” he replied. “We are very happy right now to receive this award.”