Instagram does not let you access its platform if one doesn’t have an account on it. This is when Gramhir comes to the rescue.

Gramhir is a platform that enables you to watch Instagram content, analyze and compare profiles, check statistics, and much more without creating an account.

With the help of this tool, you can view or stalk anyone on Instagram hassle-free. Moreover, Gramho, now, gathers data from public accounts with just a single click.

This article will explain everything about Gramhir, including how it works as well as its top 10 close alternatives for 2023.

What is Gramhir/Gramho?

As we have said above, Gramhir is a tool that allows you to collect a profile’s information on Instagram analyze it deeply and turn it into meaningful data.

Moreover, it enables you to access that profile’s posts and stories as well as compare two profiles at a time, without revealing your identity.

What is even more surprising is that you can also estimate how much reach or likes a particular post would get and follow up on other profiles’ locations, hashtags and followers without having to create an Instagram account.

8 Unique features of Gramhir

1. Browse Profiles Anonymously

Gramhir allows you to browse public Instagram accounts without being on the app. That means you can check out private information, only available to them, through this tool without creating an account on Instagram. Additionally, you can browse hashtags, stories, followers, and locations.

2. Compare Statistics

One of the distinctive features of Gramhir is that it enables you to compare your personal account’s statistics with other Instagram profiles for evaluation purposes.

3. Predict Likes and Followers

This has to be our favorite feature! The tool helps you forecast how many likes, followers, and reach a post will get on your or someone else’s profile.

4. Accurate Data

Gramhir breakdowns an account’s information into 3 pieces; impressions, interactions, and post details. The best part is all these statistics will be highly accurate and useful.

5. Free of cost

All the above information you can get through this tool free of cost. Surprising, no? It doesn’t cost you a buck to use any of its features. You can save and earn big if you know how to use this tool for your good.

6. Efficient and Easy to Use

There’s a general perception of free tools that they don’t work fast and effectively. Well, that’s untrue in the case of Gramho. It gives you statistics and insights at a super-fast speed. You can get your data available in seconds using its intuitive user interface.

7. Compatible with PC and Cell Phone

Gramho is compatible with both PC and cell phones. You can access the app on any of the devices and perform your tasks easily. Its compatibility with phones and PCs has added weight to its popularity.

8. Download Posts, stories, and videos for Free:

Lastly, you can download an unlimited amount of posts, stories, or videos from Instagram to your device using Gramho and that too free of cost.

6 Steps to use

Note: A lot of people are confused between Gramhir and Gramho and often ask, is it Gramhir or Gramho? Or how to open its website?

Whether you write or, you will reach the website’s landing page. The tool has recently changed its name from Gramho to Gramhir. However, you can still access the website using its old name.

To make things simpler for you, we have come up with a step-by-step procedure. Follow it as mentioned, and you will see how easy and useful this platform is.

Step 1

Unlock your PC or phone and open your chosen browser.

Step 2

Type in the search bar.

Step 3

Upon loading the page, you will see a search bar under ‘Instagram analyzer and viewer’.Now, in that space, type the username or hashtag of the profile you want to evaluate.

Step 4

You will get suggestions of profiles with similar names, click the one you want to inquire about.

Step 5

Once you reach their profile, you will begin to see the stats at the top of the page.If you want to download the post, first click on it and then hit the blue color ‘Download’ option.

Step 6

To download stories, click them and then hit the downward blue arrow on the top of it.

See? How easy was that! You can check out any public profile without creating an account on Instagram.

  • Get insights into rivals’ Instagram accounts
  • View Instagram profiles without a profile.
  • Get detailed insights into influencers’ accounts.
  • View multiple profiles at once
  • User-friendly
  • No registration is required
  • No human verification needed
  • No mobile app for iOS
  • Doesn’t show private accounts

Is Gramho safe to use?

So far, there are no safety concerns regarding the usage of this tool, as you don’t have to enter any of your credentials to access it. Since you don’t put any personal information, there’s no risk of data theft. However, if you abuse the tool for unlawful purposes, Instagram could take strict actions against you as it clearly states that “you can’t attempt to create accounts, access, or gain information using it in illegal techniques.”

10 Alternatives to Gramho without Human Verification

If you are still concerned about using this tool, there are other alternatives to it that you can check. That said, on a lighter note, Gramho is completely free and safe to use. It doesn’t pose any threat to your device or information. If you still have second thoughts, here we have compiled a list of other tools like Gramho that offer more or less the same features.


Picuki could be a perfect alternative to Gramho. It is a private Instagram viewing tool that enables users to check out Instagram profiles anonymously. Just like Gramho, you don’t need to have an account on Instagram to view any profile. You can just visit the website and search for your desired profile which too free of cost. For those who might wonder how such a convenient app is free of charge? Well, obviously it makes money but via Google Adsense.

Moreover, you can download any post from Instagram and edit them with the help of the tools this app provides. How to use it?

  • Head to Picuki’s website by typing on your Google search
  • Now type the username of the profile you want to search and press enter.
  • You will get all the accounts with that user name in the search results. Click to open the profile.


Storiesdown is another platform where you can search for Instagram profiles and view their content anonymously. Moreover, you can view and download any profile’s story on your device. In less than a minute, it searches Instagram and provides you with the most accurate search results. It is completely free to use and has user-friendly interface. Be it an IOS or Android, it works swiftly on any operating system. How does it work?

  • Go to the Storiesdown’s official website.
  • On the landing page, you will find a search bar, type any profile URL or username on that and tap enter.
  • In a bit, you will see all the related searches on the website.
  • Now tap on any profile to view its posts. Also, you will be given a download option on the side of the post.

While Storiesdown is a great app to view Instagram profiles, we are not sure it if helps with determining the statistics of an Insta profile.


Download the latest posts, stories, and reels from Instagram using Imginn. It is compatible with both, PCs and mobile devices. Also, it is free and anonymous.


Free online platform where you can search accounts, view stories, hashtags, basically anything in an anonymous mode, without making an account on Instagram.


AnonIGviewer is another app that enables you to check out Instagram profiles hideously  free of charge. The app is compatible with PC and mobile phones.


FullInsta is capable of doing everything that the above alternatives do, however, what stands it out is its feature to view and download Instagram display pictures in full size.


Discover popular hashtags and profiles via FullInsta. The tool allows users to open and stalk Instagram public profiles without having an account.


The name says it all. StoryStalker is an online tool through which you can conveniently stalk anyone’s stories on Instagram without popping up in their viewers’ list.

Hype Auditor

This one is more like a marketing platform for businesses to find the most followed and user-favorites influencers and analyze and monitor their metrics for business and marketing purposes.

So those were some apps with similar features to Gramhir. While they all are outstanding in their own ways, Gramhir is a bit different and provides users with more unique tools that very few other websites offer.


Although we have already given a detailed review of this tool in our previous guide, we can share some information here as well to give you a brief idea of how this tool works. Smihub is a private Instagram viewing tool that allows you to slide into private accounts anonymously. And yes, unlike other tools that ask for subscriptions, it doesn’t charge a penny. Via this tool, you can view posts of a private profile and analyze likes, comments, followers, and stories anonymously.  If you wonder if this tool is safe to use, rest assured. It is completely safe to use as it does not ask for any login credentials. How to use it?

  • Go to the website by typing on the web
  • Upon loading the page, you will see a search bar. Type the profile’s username and press enter.
  • In a few seconds, the tool will list all the profiles with that name. Now select any profile and check out their reels, posts, stories, followers, etc.

So those were some apps with similar features like Gramhir. While they all are outstanding in their own ways, Gramhir is a bit different and provides users with more unique tools that very few other websites offer. For example, its profile analysis feature can be used for marketing and other business purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding 3rd party Instagram viewing tools.

Are third-party Instagram viewers safe?

Generally, Instagram story viewer tools are safe to use, at least the ones we have mentioned in this guide. That said, using them for illegal purposes might get you into serious trouble. Here is a tip to determine the legitimacy of a free tool. If it asks for your credentials, then it’s a BIG NO.

Is there an app to check out private Instagram accounts?

Yes several apps enable you to see private profiles; however, not all of them are legitimate. You can either try Smihub/Dumpor or The Ghost App. They are the safest ones so far.

How to see someone’s story on Instagram?

Go to their Instagram profile and tap their profile picture. If they had recently uploaded any story, it would show you right there. However, if nothing appears, that means they haven’t uploaded any story in a while. 

Is Story Saver app safe?

The Story Saver app doesn’t support the backup data features, making the app safe to use. For those who don’t know, Story Saver enables you to download other Instagram profiles’ posts anonymously without downgrading the quality.

Can you watch someone’s Insta story anonymously without using 3rd party tools?

Of course, there is always a way to spy on your ex’s activities on Instagram.  If you turn off your device’s Wi-Fi and turn on the Airplane mode, then watch anyone’s stories on Instagram. The app won’t show your name in the viewer’s list.

Why I’m unable to watch stories on Instagram?

The most common reason you are unable to watch stories on Instagram is because of incorrect syncing of date and time on your app. You must set your date and time to automatic settings to start watching others’ stories on your gram.

Wrap up

That was all from our side. All the tools, websites, and apps we featured in this guide are legit and safe.

You can even customize some of these tools’ features, like Hype Auditor, as per your needs.

Lastly, be careful about what you search through these tools. For instance, if you search for fake profiles, you can get into trouble. Instagram is pretty strict about its privacy policies and fake accounts. So be cautious while using these tools.