The Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, insisted upon the importance of wearing masks in a press conference recently. The Republican governor has been very vocal about his thoughts regarding the coronavirus.

The governor said that he didn’t understand why there is so much controversy around the subject. Masks have repeatedly proven to be an effective measure to stop the spread of the virus.

He further talked about the constitution and said that people don’t have the constitutional right to say no to wearing masks.

He insisted that wearing a mask is much bigger than any debate on the constitutional right of walking around without a mask. It is for the protection of one’s health and the health of people around them, he added.

He compared the virus with a war-like situation. According to the governor, hundreds of thousands of people had already died due to the virus. The number of casualties due to the virus is much higher than the Vietnam and Gulf war.

In Maryland, masks are mandatory in indoor gatherings and outdoor events, especially where people cannot follow social distancing protocols.

Larry Hogan encouraged people to act responsibly and comply with the state. He repeated that the virus can be life-threatening and people need to be careful now. It is a very critical time for everyone.

To stop the further spread of the virus and save lives, the governor has instructed the state police to make sure that all corona-related protocols are being followed by people in restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

He said that the police will ensure that all SOP’s are being followed appropriately. This will also help in the effective running of such businesses.