The elections of 2020 ended in chaos as Americans saw the Republicans up against the Democrats. On top of that, the US government had to deal with a severe coronavirus pandemic as well.

Trump was not the only one to blame for a delayed action to curb the pandemic. The governor of the state of South Dakota namely Kristi Noem also shares Trump’s viewpoint.

She has downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic, since the beginning. As cases were increasing in South Dakota and people were dying of the virus, she did not bother to take any measures.

Completely disregarding the deadly virus spreading like wildfire, Noem did not impose any laws for wearing masks or social distancing. And now, critics have found another reason to criticize her for her incapability to cope with the pandemic.

Kristi Noem’s grandmother recently died in a nursing home and people suspect it might be due to Covid-19. Aldys Arnold was 98 years old and was at the Estelline Nursing Home and care center in South Dakota.

She passed away on November 22 and sources say that she did not test positive for coronavirus on her passing. Other than her, 12 other people also died in the nursing home but their cause of death was “COVID-related”.

These 12 people died during the same period as Arnold between November 14 and 28 as told by the nursing home’s administrator. Among the United States, South Dakota is included in states that have been worse hit by the coronavirus.

According to some statistics taken from the John Hopkins University, the state’s positivity rate is 41%. The local mayors have issued local restrictions to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

The stance of President Donald Trump and the Republicans about the coronavirus pandemic has been very dissatisfactory. The Republicans did not take the coronavirus pandemic seriously at all and Trump was quite vocal about it.

This lack of seriousness on the president’s part has led to a difficult situation. The cases spiked to a high number and the economy failed to cope with the pandemic.

As people are dying of the virus and families are also devastated due to losing jobs, Trump refused to take the blame? He even went on to blame the World Health Organization for not informing about the virus’s severity in time.