Barely anything these days counts as cheap, but mobile phones have specifically become a thing of luxury. The relation between the need for a phone and their rising prices is a difficult dilemma for many who live paycheck to paycheck. Luckily, Governmental programs that offer free phones to those in need, but who are unable to afford them, are becoming more and more available. These programs are not restricted to free phones however, they offer subsidized payments to buy phones, phone plans and internet packages, etc.

There are different eligibility requirements for programs, all government-approved, that you should look for in each of them. However, the main component for each of them is their accessibility and affordability for people belonging to different areas of the country. You can even register someone else you know that can benefit from these programs. It is called the Lifeline Assistance program, and several different programs fall under this umbrella.

The Lifeline Assistance is an emergency broadband program that includes both a phone and separate internet services for people who can’t afford it. There’s a simple 3-step procedure that involves qualifying, choosing a phone or internet company, and finally signing up to complete the registration. The registration process includes showing some documents such as your earnings to help determine your eligibility.

Some basic rules of the program include not transferring your benefit to another person when you receive it. In addition, there’s only one qualifier of the program per household. Lastly, the programs offered are time-bound therefore apply as soon as you can, and let anyone know who you might think can benefit from it. Here are a few programs you can find online as well, there are many more you can look for.

Standup Wireless

A famous name in the lifeline program list is Standup Wireless, which includes both a phone and a plan as part of the benefits you receive. The procedure for this one is easy and only has 4 easy steps. There’s an online application you can fill out until you wait to check if you fully qualify for the program. As soon as you get the green light, you coordinate with them and receive a device in your mail.

You can start using the phone by calling 1-800-544-4441 or 611 to activate the phone/sim. For those signing up, you can claim a discount for up to $100 off on a tablet as well.

Q Link Wireless

Another popular program is the Q Link Wireless program, also federally affiliated. There are several wireless internet services, text, and call points in the program that you can benefit from. The pre-requisites for this program includes being unemployed or being part of other government benefit programs.

Not only does it provide you with unlimited call, text, and data, but the program also includes a brand new tablet. You can have of all of this by registering for the program, pending your eligibility. If you are unemployed, or employed and earning less than the maximum allowed, you can send in your application confidently.

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a program offering free call, text, and data credit under the lifeline program. Their eligibility is also similar to those in the lifeline list as they are also set up and supported by the government to expand the broadband horizon to the underprivileged. Their website includes a detailed account of whether you qualify, how to apply, check the status of your application, and look for any additional benefits you could benefit from. You can check whether you are eligible for a phone by putting in the necessary information in the form.


Another free internet source for if you are not able to afford it, TruConnect brings the internet to you. This extends to a phone and 14 GB of monthly data if you can qualify under their requirements. Do note that it’s not an open request program for any phone you want, so it usually a offers a moderately new android phone that still has all the updated features you might require.


Another famous government program that you can benefit from is TAG which offers the broadband program benefits like no other. Those in underprivileged households, unable to afford anything more than necessities seem to miss out on other amenities that are now necessary to progress in modern day life. TAG makes sure it offers this program in areas where it matters.

Their services are also high quality, making your experience satisfactory unlike what people expect free programs to be. There are some additional benefits in some states as well, that are all listed on their website when you enter your location.

The government programs offer free phones to folks in need because a phone is almost a basic necessity in today’s age. It is important for communication and connection between people, helping people prosper along with their communities. The above list is a limited account of total programs available out there, but a quick search online will expand your vision to more such beneficial services. Make sure you take advantage of such programs and help others reach them too.