The ongoing debate regarding the approval of the $2000 stimulus checks has found a new supporting voice in James Comer who stands with Trump on this matter.

Comer is supportive of Donald Trump and his approach towards the stimulus checks. Despite all the efforts to streamline the distribution of 1st stimulus checks package, it did not affect people substantially. The $2000 stimulus checks idea is causing an uproar amongst the Republicans and the Democrats.

Comer believes that the problem was evident when a lot of bills were combined for the sake of one vote. The Senate and the House of Representatives struggled to understand the bill and eventually Donald Trump had to sign $600 stimulus checks package.

Many representatives, at the moment, believe that the Senate is not ready to pass the bill. The people are suffering, and the $600 checks are not going to provide them with the essentials of life.

The Senate must understand the importance of voting on different bills separately because it will make a difference. At this moment, all the efforts made by the Senate are going in vain with no separate voting for important issues just like the stimulus checks distribution issue.

The GOP is expected to have a stronghold among the Senate and the House of Representatives because of their approach towards the relief package.

The CARES act was indeed a beneficial relief package given to the people amidst the coronavirus crisis.

One thing that the Democrats and the Republicans can agree upon is a $2000 stimulus checks package bill to help Americans be back on their feet. All they need to do is come up with a voting system for this proposal in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Although Trump has already signed the relief package of $900 billion, still the Senate can manage the vote on this matter.