The use of smartphones has long superseded the standard calling, texting, and internet browsing functions. Now, they are used for more advanced purposes of providing entertainment like in your home, during a commute, or at the office. You can now watch your favorite show on your phone, play your favorite game, or shop at any store online with the help of your phone. You can even read a book or a magazine. And that’s where Google Play comes in.

Google Play store has the biggest collection of apps from various categories including entertainment, gaming, shopping, arts, designing, photography, and much more. It has music, book, and video services that you can subscribe to. Google Play comes pre-installed on an android device. It is loved by millions of android users around the world, who use it to download free and paid apps.

If you are a person who is always looking for entertainment whether it is through book reading, watching a movie, or playing a game then Google Play is the best place to go. You will find a diversity of digital content at Google Play. But, what is a Google play card, and what is a Google play card used for.

Google Play gift cards are gift methods introduced by Google. If you have friends and family living in a different region, then sending a physical gift could be a difficult task and in such situations, Google Play gift cards can be helpful.

You can surprise your loved one by sending a Google Play gift card on a special occasion. The Google Play gift card gives them access to a huge range of digital content for entertainment purposes. If they are living in another country, where some of the Google content might not be easily accessible, then giving a Google Play gift card is the best option. It is also a great gift for people who do not have a Google Wallet account and can get a free Google play card.

But you need to know how to buy a Google Play gift card? Moreover, with so many scams happening, you would also like to protect yourself from Google Play gift card scams?

Well! The first thing to know is, you cannot, unfortunately, buy a Google Play gift card through the Google Play Store app itself. However, the process of buying a Google Play gift card is simple. You can get it either online from any online retailer like Amazon or by going to a physical store like Walmart or Target. The good thing is, Google does have an amazing gift card page that can redirect you to Google Play gift cards available online and the page will show you all the places from where you can buy Google Play gift cards.

Online Google Play gift cards are an easy option to buy. You do not have to travel to go to a physical store and then wrap the gift and drop it off if, you are sending it to someone living away. Buying an in-store Google Play gift card also saves up your time as you only have to copy and paste the redeem code.

To redeem your Google Play gift card, you have to go to your Google Play app on your phone and tap the menu buttons. Tap the redeem button and enter the 16 digits code under scratch to reveal the code strip option. Tap the confirm button and that’s it. You can now use your Google Play gift card to buy an app, book, or movie subscription and enjoy it.

There are a lot of websites where people will try to scam you into buying a Google Play gift card, but you actually never get the card. You need to be careful and steer clear of such scammer websites. The scammers will make you pay for the Google Play gift card and then use it. This type of scam is very common online.

The scammers use the easiest method that is portraying themselves as a government agency so that you would buy from them. Scammers can say that they are from the IRS, but it varies from country to country. They would ask for your personal information by telling you that they are collecting data for government purposes or taxes. They will trick you into giving them your SSN and other information by intimidating and scaring you. If you say you don’t have money, they ask you to pay with your Google Play gift card.

Another way they can scam you is by pretending to be someone you know like a friend, family member or an acquaintance, or a family attorney. They might tell you they are in trouble and need some form of payment immediately and then ask you to pay via gift cards. They are very clever and might block you from contacting the person they are claiming to be. But you need to make sure you do not fall for their scam. Call your family member and do not provide any personal information or payment from gift card.