The doom for Stadia Gaming and Entertainment seems nearer as Google announces that it is closing down the internal game development studio. Stadia Gaming and Entertainment is Google’s cloud-based gaming platform. They launched it in November of 2019 as the console-less gaming platform.

Among its tech-savvy features, the players are also able to save their game-playing sessions on the cloud. Moreover, with this fine technology, players can jump on to multiple devices, from PCs to tablets to smartphones, etc.

However, in a blog post on Monday, Google announced that it would no longer create games internally for its gaming platform. One of the main reasons to take this decision was that Jade Raymond, the mastermind who headed Stadia Games and Entertainment is parting ways with the company.

Moreover, the Vice President and General Manager of Stadia Games and Entertainment, Phil Harrison wrote that they are focusing on building the proven technology of SG&E currently; it is why they have decided not to create any original content through internal sources and work with third-party publishers. Phil also stated that making games internally is pricey and it is a fair decision to contract third-party game developers and give them a platform to bring their games directly to the Stadia gamers.

Nonetheless, gamers will still be able to play the previous Google-made games on Stadia while it continues to introduce new third-party games.

When the news got into the ears of the analysts, here is what they said about Google’s decision. An NPD analyst, Mat Piscatella criticized Google’s decision while explaining his point of view. He believes that significant shits in Google’s strategy is not surprising because cloud-based gaming is still new for gamers. However, deciding not to create games internally, Google is getting one-step back from its competitors.

Moreover, Google’s competitors have launched new gaming consoles in 2020, which offer exclusive games. And creating games internally is a proven strategy for the boost of the gaming industry. However, he is looking forward to what Stadia’s next strategy would be and how it will tackle the outcomes of the decision made.

On the other hand, R.W Baird analyst, Colin Sebastian believes that the success of newly launched consoles by Microsoft and Sony shows that the popularity of traditional gaming is still skyrocketing. However, he believes that Google’s vision of cloud-based gaming may not be much popular now but it will surely prove fruitful in the future.

All in all, Google’s decision to stop creating games internally has shaken the gaming industry.