The famous online platform GoFundMe which is known for crowdfunding efforts online has halted an account of a black woman named Dasha Kelly after evidence emerges that she is not the biological mother of the children.

Dash Kelly, 32, had made an account on the GoFundMe website, pleading to get $2000 as a donation so she can stop home eviction because of long due rent.

She had stated that she needs $1900 for the rent and this doesn’t include utilities. She also wrote that

“help us to save us from becoming homeless. Me and my daughters aged 5, 6, and 8; please help with anything you can.”

Kelly’s GoFundMe account was titled “Help my girls and I avoid eviction”. The fundraising campaign gained momentum; when Dasha Kelly was interviewed by CNN and it went viral resulting in a fund 10 times more than what Kelly had asked for.

The amount generated was almost $230,000 within 2 days of the fundraiser account going live on the GoFundMe website.

Interestingly, the GoFundMe website was compelled to freeze the fundraising campaign after news started to circulate that Dashalong-due Kelly is not the biological mother of the girls as the real mother emerged.

The girls’ biological mother Shadia Hilo emerged on the media while showing birth certificates to prove that they are her children. She said Dasha Kelly is the girlfriend of her ex-husband and does take care of her girl from time to time but does not have any children of her own. it is difficult to understand why she referred to herself as their mother.

On the contrary, Dasha Kelly stated that I have taken care of these girls at my home from time to time in the past couple of years.

“I’ve loved these girls unconditionally, and have been out of the kindness of my heart. I treat them as my daughter, and care for them in this way.”

After investigation, GoFundMe stated that it will be allowing all the donors that they can ask for a refund within a timeframe of 2 weeks. The period ends on 23rd august and after that whatever money remains in the account, that will be of Kelly.

Up till now $42000 has been refunded. The CNN reporter who took Kelly’s interview stated that the girls were calling Kelly’s mom but the biological mother flared up over this implication, resulting in a frozen account for Dasha Kelly even though her need is genuine as she is on the verge of eviction from her place in Las Vegas.