Even after the 2020 lockdowns, the temperatures of Earth will lower by 0.01C by 2050. Global warming is still a major issue the world is facing and the masses have to take precautionary measures.

There have been improvements in the atmosphere of Earth because of the lockdowns in 2020. But 0.01C is a negligible amount of decrease by 2050, which is not going to do any wonders to the environment.

The pandemic has given us the direction of the green economic recovery by giving an alternate working style. The world is seemingly on track with the Paris’ agreement regarding the temperature rise by only 2C.

Due to the lockdowns, life came to a complete halt in 2020, and people were forced to stay at home. This lockdown significantly reduces greenhouse gas discharge and has improved the global warming situation.

But despite the lockdowns, the world has suffered so much in the past decades that recovery is going to take a long time. The lockdowns have given us the direction about how the industry has to move by implementing green initiatives.

Many people were happy about the fact that the lockdowns are helping the planet heal itself. It can be considered as a silver lining in this pandemic, but the overall effect is not that much.

Whenever the countries are hit by a financial crisis like in 2008, it has a positive impact on Earth’s atmosphere. It can be difficult for people to survive in that financial crisis, but the positive impact is a silver lining.

The governments understand that they have to play their part in reducing global warming. But they also have to factor in that they have to run the economy, which cannot come to a halt to save Earth. They have to devise strategies to work around the potential atmospheric barriers to reduce global warming. Humans have to ensure that they are contributing to saving Earth.

The United Nations has introduced sustainable development goals (SDGs) to ensure the sustainability of Earth. These goals are to be met by 2030, and they will help Earth to recover from human actions that led to global warming in the first place.