Gervonta Davis admitted guilt on four charges relating to a hit-and-run that occurred in November 2020 and left four people wounded, including a pregnant mother.

The 28-year-old WBA lightweight champion is scheduled to face Ryan Garcia in a highly anticipated bout before his sentence on May 5.

According to ESPN, on Thursday (16 February) American Gervonta Davis, age 28, surrendered his right to a trial.

Davis admitted to fleeing the scene of an accident in which someone was injured, failing to report property damage, driving when his licence was suspended, and running a red light.

Judge Althea M Handy of the Baltimore Circuit Court said that Davis pled guilty “with no agreement of what penalty will be at sentencing” after the boxer filed his plea.

On the 23rd of February in Florida, Davis is set to be arraigned on a misdemeanour battery charge for an incident that occurred in a domestic setting. Davis was arrested in December on the accusation of assaulting the mother of his 1-year-old daughter, but he has since entered a not guilty plea.

A minor abrasion on the inside of the alleged victim’s upper lip was the result of the “closed-handed type slap,” as police put it. Her request for the charges to be dropped was detailed in an affidavit she submitted to the court on January 24.

Gervonta Davis is accused of leaving a downtown club in Baltimore in a Lamborghini while being escorted by police, but he allegedly swerved away from the caravan, jumped a red light, and crashed into the passenger side of a 2004 Toyota Solara. He was accused of running away from the scene after four individuals, including Jyair Smith, who was pregnant at the time, were hurt.

Smith claims Davis disregarded her calls for assistance while she was stuck in the flaming vehicle when she challenged his plea agreement. She allegedly incurred a significant knee injury that will damage her forever. From the Baltimore Banner:

“I begged Mr. Gervonta Davis; I looked him in his eyes,” Smith said. “I said I have to get home to my daughter, I’m pregnant. He never once came over to help me. He got his things and left” the scene, she said.

According to reports, Smith will also make an appearance during Davis’ sentencing.

Davis and Garcia are in negotiations for a catchweight bout scheduled for April 15 in Las Vegas.