Germany – An intoxicated truck driver thrust his truck into parked cars in southern Germany, ignoring the red light causing a blazing fire in a nearby house. The house was evacuated immediately.

The police stated that the truck driver was severely intoxicated as he ignored the red light and thrust his vehicle into parked cars while shoving them up against the nearby buildings resulting in a blazing fire.

According to the police, three persons were injured when 31 vehicles were damaged by a truck in the small town of Fuerth, located just outside Nuremberg on Tuesday.

According to the law enforcement agencies, the intoxicated truck driver skipped a red light while touching the nearest car as it was driving on the crossroads. The police tried to stop him but the driver did not pay any heed.  Moments later, the same truck had jammed into parked cars pushing them ahead with force, causing damage to the cars as well as the nearby buildings.

The collision was severe as it damaged at least 31 vehicles, the outer façade of the house, and the truck which later on caught fire. The most damaged house which had caught fire was immediately evacuated.

The intoxicated truck driver was arrested at the crime scene by the police. The driver is a 50-year-old male hailing from Turkey, having no residential address in Germany.

The police released a statement stating that the breath alcohol test showcased that the driver was drunk several times more than the drink-driving limit.

Police reported that the truck driver and the car driver whom he touched before the humongous collision and a passerby were injured slightly.