Germany – One man died and eight were hospitalized in grave condition after drinking contaminated drinks in a bar in Bavaria.

German police said that eight people were hospitalized in critical condition and one person succumbed to death after consuming contaminated drinks in a Bavarian bar.

According to the police, the deceased person was 52-year-old, whereas, the hospitalized were aged between 33 to 52.

The police stated the fatal incident took place on Saturday in the small town of Weiden in Bavaria. The police arrived at the bar after a report and found people fallen on the floor crying with cramps. Eight people were immediately taken to the hospital.

An investigation is underway regarding the contaminated drinking and then death incident.

Police stated that the reason for the drinking by this particular group is still unknown but it came to the police’s knowledge that one bottle was shared among this group.

According to the reports, officers arrived at the premises approximately at 12:30 am on Sunday with people experiencing health problems.

The local media stated that the group of people was found to be drinking champagne sharing a bottle.

“When police and ambulance services arrived at the restaurant on Unterer Markt, injured persons were found partly lying on the floor,” police stated in a statement.

“Eight people had to be hospitalized and were on Monday morning still “undergoing medical treatment with varying degrees of injury,” police added. A police spokesperson stated to broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk that there might be a little suspicion of homicide and negligence but at the moment the authorities are not looking for any alleged suspects