The coronavirus pandemic has put a halt on all the public gatherings and events. The governmental authorities all across the world have a mandatory implementation of federal guidelines and restrictions to control the pandemic.

Amidst the pandemic situation, the German Bundesliga will be the first soccer league to continue the matches. Everyone is looking forward to the league to arrange the matches since it will be a risky situation during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the recorded statistics, Germany has 174,098 current Covid-19 cases, with a death toll of 7,861. Although there shouldn’t be any such event with the worsening condition of a pandemic, the Germany Football Association has ensured the implementation of safety precautions.

However, Philipp Koster told a news source that this soccer event would be considered as an experiment with no long-established result. If the organization will be able to put up a successful game event, then it will serve as a working sample for other sports leagues to follow.

There is a possibility that if the pandemic gets worse and the situation goes out of control, then everything might stop in the middle. The league organizers have worked hard for the maintenance of safety protocols and social distancing.

To ensure the safety and social distancing, there will be no supporters allowed to witness the game. Earlier, around 43,300 people used to come from all across the world to enjoy the live game. The number has narrowed down to 322 due to coronavirus.

According to the league organizers, the game viewers will be divided into three different zones to ensure social distancing. A selected number of game-involved people will be present on the pitch, with the presence of emergency staff.

The CEO of DFL, Christian Seifert, said that football matches without the spectators wouldn’t be the same. But nothing can be done about it due to the situation the world is going through. He further ensured that it will be a safe game, following the newly designed framework.

The hygiene staff has been given strict instructions to keep everything disinfected including the players’ dressing rooms and the balls. The players and coaches are also advised to sit at a distance and use protection masks