A Senator in Democratic Georgia overturned an original decision to withdraw following an uproar last week to help President Trump.

He also went on to twitter to announce his resignation from office. However, he soon received a lot of positive comments that encouraged him to take back his resignation.

Jones was on the headlines last week when he supported Trump, claiming in a video that Trump’s sponsorship of the restructuring of criminal law and Black colleges and universities is endorsing the sitting Republican.

The sponsorship of Rhonda Taylor, a community organizer in the state Primary Democratic on Jones’ June 9, was quickly blown down by fellow Democrats, several of whom previously openly said they would contribute to Rhonda Taylor.

Jones lashed out on Twitter and called out the Democrats to be the people they tend to hate. After receiving the negative attitude from the democrats, he has made it clear that they are not as pure as they claim to be and he won’t be afraid to keep his thoughts to himself anymore.

Jones further talked about his aggression in another video stating that the intolerant behaviors of the Democrats are hurting the sentiments of the African-American community.

Jones is a notorious figure who weathered the fraud charges while working as Chief Executive Officer of DeKalb County from 2001 to 2009.

Jones is not alone amongst the other Democratic legislators to be criticized for endorsing Donald Trump. A Detroit Democrats party will be voting on whether to condemn Michigan Representative.

Whitsett recently said to Laura Ingráham of Fox News: Trump has rescued her life by pressurizing the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) for approval of “off-label” use of hydroxychloroquine.