BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. – Mayor of White in Barrow County, Perry Bell, died in a ‘motocross wreck’ on Saturday morning, the news reported.

According to The Daily Tribune News, Perry Bell was killed from a ‘blunt force trauma to the chest’ while she was competing at the Lazy River Motocross on the outskirts of Dalton.

“REST IN PEACE: Perry Bell, the mayor of White, Georgia, was killed over the weekend when he crashed and was hit by another rider while on a motocross track. He was 54 years old,” Fox 5 Atlanta Tweeted.

Bell’s bike crashed into another rider’s while performing the stunt and later died from his injuries at the hospital, said Murray County Deputy Coroner Jonathan Sosebee.

“It was an unavoidable accident,” Sosebee stated.  “From what I understand, he was on a jump, and then he crashed on top of a jump. There was another rider right behind him, and he was unable to do anything … he wasn’t able to see him to avoid it.”

Sosebee further added that Bell was so badly wounded to be evacuated by a helicopter. He took his last breath in the hospital in Chatsworth.

While the case is still under investigation, no criminal charges have been made as of yet.

The other competing rider also sustained minor injuries, though he was released from the facility soon after.

Bell’s duties will be taken over by his team Gary Crisp until a new mayor has been appointed. Bell was one of the three candidates who stood for mayorship in May, succeeded with 53/129 ballots cast and took the office in June. White took the mayorship in June and had been in the position for over two months. The government has not made any official statement regarding what will happen next, however, it is likely that a special election will take place to replace him.